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Bob talks about how virtual assistants can help you in the success of your business from marketing, research, lead generation and having a Jack of all trades in your company.

The Irreplaceable Value of Virtual Assistants

by Whitney Sewell | The Real Estate Syndication Show

Entrepreneurs could always do with a few extra hours in the day. When they are in the weeds, they don’t realize how much of their time is spent on tasks that distract them from doing what they’re best at. Not only are these tasks energy-draining, but they could easily be delegated to someone else. This is where virtual assistants come into play. Our guest today, Bob Lachance, spotted a gap in the real estate entrepreneurial market.

Pushing After 150k Loss in One Day with Bob Lachance

by Joe Fairless | The Best Ever Show

Bob Lachance is an Ex Professional hockey player who dived right into real estate investing with no experience. He took a leap of faith, by asking an investor if they needed help and from there, his story began. He shares a valuable lesson from a mistake he made along the way that cost him $150,000 in one day. He is a good example of why you keep pushing forward, taking every mistake as a lesson, and staying open minded to discover what you will be good at.

On this important episode, Rob “The House Guy” sits down with two experts in lead generation, Bob Lachance from REVA Global and Amy Ransdell from Powerhouse Real Estate. Bob and Amy reveal the exact steps behind how they’ve created a Lead Cultivation and Nurture system that finds leads and nurtures them, so when it’s time to do business, Bob and Amy are always top of mind.

How To Use Virtual Assistants To EXPLODE Your Real Estate Business!

by Joshua Smith | GSD Mode

In this episode of the GSD Mode Podcast with host Joshua Smith, Josh talks to REVA Global CEO Bob Lachance on how to create efficiencies, time, and scalability in your business by utilizing trained Real Estate Virtual Assistants.

Why You Need A Virtual Assistant To Succeed

by Mike Fisher | MF CashFlow

Mike Fisher of the MF CashFlow Podcast sits down with REVA Global CMO Amy Ransdell. Together Mike and Amy discuss how big of an impact utilizing a Virtual Assistant can help you in the success of your business from marketing, research, lead generation and more!

Secret To Cold Calling

by Justin Colby | The Science of Flipping

In this great episode of The Science of Flipping, Justin Colby interviews Bob Lachance, CEO of Virtual Assistant staffing company REVA Global. Cold Calling is the big topic right now in the investor world. Learn from the man who runs and owns a call center.

Outsourcing With Bob Lachance

by Justin Stoddart | Think Bigger Real Estate

Have you ever realized that whether an agent is closing two deals in a month or ten, they seem to be just as busy? Obviously, there is a big difference in the kind of life that this produces for the agent and others around them, so what’s the difference? Today we’re going to talk about outsourcing. What you should and what you should NOT outsource and some ideas on how to do that. I have with me today a former hockey star, Bob Lachance, now turned real estate agent, investor, and outsource king.

Bob LaChance Outlines How You Can Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant for Your Real Estate Business

by Alex Pardo | The Flip Empire

Bob LaChance first got involved in real estate in 2004. Fast forward to today; Bob is the owner of Reva Global, where he trains highly qualified VAs to help real estate investors with their business. Real estate investors really struggle with VA turnover and so Bob is here to help you get a bit of clarity on how to effectively use and train your VA so that you can stop the headaches!

Real Estate Virtual Assistants, with Bob LaChance

by Abhi Golhar | Think Realty Radio

Bob LaChance, CEO of Reva Global, saw a void in the real estate market for virtual assistants (VAs) and saw a need for it. His company offers trained virtual assistants to provide real estate investors with all of their needs like marketing, research and leads. There are so many pieces to being a successful real estate investor and Reval Global offers support so you can fully focus on what you know — investing.

The Real Estate Virtual Assistant with Bob Lachance

by Jake & Gino | Wheelbarrow Profits

Bob LaChance, CEO of Reva Global, talks with us about how he got started, the business of virtual assistants and his best and worst deals.

VAs Will Set You Up for a Shot on Goal in Your Business

by Brian Snider | Simple Wholesaling

In this episode, we dive into his coaching program, his virtual assistant business, and many more. Stay tuned!

Build Your Real Estate Investing Team With Bob Lachance

by J. Massey | Cash Flow Diary

Bob is an entrepreneur by nature and currently owns, operates and manages many different businesses around the world. Bob helped create one of the top Real Estate Coaching and Mentor programs in existence today and also created one of the premiere Virtual Assistant Staffing companies, REVA Global LLC.

100 Things A VA Can Do For Your Business with Bob Lachance

by Mitch Stephen | Real Estate Investor Summit

Establishing a small business requires time and effort. Aside from talking with clients and answering endless emails, you also need to be the social media manager, the accountant, and the marketing officer. With the emergence of virtual assistants, more and more business owners are able to focus on more important things. But should you follow the herd? Bob Lachance is a retired professional hockey player who has been an active real estate investor since 2004. He owns and manages several businesses globally including REVA Global, a successful virtual assistant company that provides powerhouse VAs to top real estate and real estate investing companies. Bob shares why hiring virtual assistants can help entrepreneurs drive business growth, improve online presence, and focus on their core operations.

Top Producing Agents Who Value Excellence, Personal & Professional Growth

by Patrick Lilly | Real Estate Success Rocks

In this episode, you’ll learn.. How to best use virtual assistants as a real estate professional The simple 5 step process of what a virtual assistant can do for you to explode your business in 2019 The most common tasks that Virtual Assistants do from New Listing to Closing One sure way to double your motivated seller lead count in 2019

Short Sales, Outsourcing, and Getting Hit Between the Eyes with a Hockey Puck with Bob Lachance

by Nick Raithel | 7 Rules for Real Estate Investing

In “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, one of the main takeaways is on outsourcing tasks to overseas workers. It’s a great idea, but how feasible is it for a location-specific field like real estate? This episode answers that question, as guest Bob Lachance shares his expert insights on outsourcing – from having helped countless investors do so. Plus, as a former hockey player – Bob offers an unusual and painful story involving a hockey puck.

Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest with Bob Lachance


Bob shares what outsourcing can do for your business and how to get started with a virtual assistant. Bob also talks real estate investing, changes he’s seen in the industry, and the importance of coachability.

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