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The Legacy blueprint podcast with Joe Evangelisti

Ep: 69 from ice rinks to real estate profit

Podcast Summary:

Welcome to today’s episode! We have a fascinating guest with us: Bob Lachance. Since 2004, Bob has been a dynamic force in the world of business and real estate. He’s a natural-born entrepreneur, owning and managing a variety of successful ventures globally.

Bob is a key figure behind FortuneBuilders, INC., one of the leading Real Estate Education and Mentor/Coaching programs. But that’s not all—he’s also the mastermind behind REVA Global, LLC (REVA), a premier Real Estate Virtual Assistant Staffing company. With his deep expertise in real estate investing, Bob is renowned for his ability to create, implement, and execute successful business strategies.

Before diving into the business world, Bob had an impressive eight-year career as a professional ice hockey player, traveling and living across the US and Europe. He was also a proud member of the 1995 National Championship Boston University Ice Hockey Team.

Tune in as we explore Bob’s incredible journey from the ice rinks to real estate successes, and learn from his wealth of experience and insights!

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