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“I can’t believe the magic that took place that night. Everyone was in high spirits – You can feel that everyone was having fun and more than that, we were all united as one family.”

Iyam Conti


They’ve set up REVA Global, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant firm where Filipino’s are given a chance to work from home — away from the crazy traffic, while enjoying competitive pay, training and benefits.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the level of employee satisfaction in their organization, and I have to say, these things cannot be faked. It was such a delight to be around folks with such great energy and enthusiasm towards their work and beyond.

And as the adage goes — when you’ve got happy employees, they’re your best ambassadors, leading to happy customers and a happy business.

Congratulations, Bob, Beth, George and the rest of REVA Global! Wishing you more success!  


Lia Guerrero