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Professionally Trained Team Members

We have done the upfront work to source, vet, and professionally train our Administrative Virtual Assistants so they’re ready to go!

Custom Placement Process According To Your Needs

Our custom placement process ensures you are matched with a skilled Property Management Virtual Assistant that meets your needs.

We Help You Manage Your Virtual Team Member

Client Services Managers act as an extra layer of support for their clients and help to maintain a healthy working relationship.

You Can Have All This
Done For You

Transaction Coordination

Utilize real estate virtual assistants to streamline your real estate transactions by efficiently coordinating all aspects of the buying and selling process, ensuring timely and accurate completion of paperwork and communications.

Lead Generation

Put your lead generation on auto-pilot with targeted cold calling, direct mail, and text message marketing campaigns managed by a dedicated virtual assistant.

CRM Management

Utilize a real estate VA to manage your CRM and ensure all client information is up-to-date and communications are streamlined for optimal engagement.

Appointment Setting

Optimize your schedule by efficiently setting appointments, ensuring you meet with clients, contractors, and colleagues at times that best fit your busy agenda.

Email Management

Virtual Assistants can efficiently manage your email communications, sorting, prioritizing, and responding to messages to enhance your productivity.


Utilize a Virtual Assistant to handles your real estate bookkeeping with precision, organizing financial transactions, preparing invoices, and tracking expenses to ensure your accounts are always up-to-date and accurate.

Lead Qualification

Utilize Virtual Assistants to qualify and screen leads, ensuring you focus your efforts on leads with the highest potential for conversion.

Data Entry

Keep your real estate paperwork in check with Virtual Assistants by quickly and accurately entering all your important data, so everything’s right where you need it.

Build Buyers List

Virtual Assistants can build and maintain a robust buyers list for real estate investors, organizing potential leads to streamline your investment opportunities.

Market Research

Utilize a Virtual Assitant to dig into the details for you, gathering and analyzing real estate market data to help you stay ahead of trends and make informed decisions.

Skip Tracing

Delegate the skip tracing to a Virtual Assistant who can track down real estate leads and property owners, saving you time and boosting your outreach efforts.

Travel Management

Delegate your travel planning to a virtual assistant who can skillfully arrange all your trips, making sure you’re where you need to be for your real estate activities without the hassle.

and so much more!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Get your FREE download with over 100 real estate tasks you can outsource to a Vitual Assistant!

Getting Started is Simple


Schedule Your Strategy Session

Schedule a call with our team so we can learn more about your business and the tasks you would like a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to manage for you.


Interview Virtual Assistants

You will have the opportunity to interview a group of Virtual Assistants that match the needs and skills you require so you can make the best decision.


Meet and Greet With Your Virtual Assistant

We will connect you with your Virtual Assistant and you can begin working with them!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“REVA VA’s are already trained in real estate so that’s less time that I have to spend educating them and showing them how to do some of the basics. They come in with a wealth of knowledge already so it saves me time and increases my productivity.”

Joanna Anderson
Remnant Realty Solutions

“It’s probably going on 9 or 10 months that I’ve been working with REVA and we have multiple REVA Virtual Assistants that are just crushing it for our business right now! Having Virtual Assistants has been a game changer in my business.”

David Dodge
Discount Property Investor

“I planned on only hiring one out of the 4 of the VAs. After interviewing the candidates I ended up hiring 3 because they were all so amazing! I get compliments on my customer support every week and I now have people asking me where I hired them because they would like to hire from the same company.

Eliza Wensley

Jim Lala
March 14, 2024
I worked with both Denver and Monj. Denver, Monj and the whole team at REVA is exceptional. They execute well, report well, hold meetings well and are always looking for ways to do a better job. I am grateful for their help and their assistance in growing my business.
Ryan Saeger
January 26, 2024
I have had an absolutely incredible experience working with Janis (my VA) and Elaine (my CSM) over the last 18 months. Janis has been cold calling and SMS texting for me regularly and we have closed a total of 6 deals. I highly recommend using Reva Global if you are looking for great VAs. Especially Janis and Elaine!
Josh Tobias
January 23, 2024
Our experience has been great. Everything from the interview process to onboarding to continued follow up to ensure everything is going as expected. The team at REVA clearly cares they are providing the best experience for their customers and it shows through everything they do.
Quinten Sutton
January 19, 2024
I have been working with REVA for over a year and would highly recommend their GREAT services! They helped my company grow faster and better because of their assistance.
Simon Burton
January 19, 2024
I've been working with REVA for almost a year now and have been really impressed with the service. My VA, RJ, has done a great job supporting the growth of my business, he's a valued member of my team. Our client services manager, Elaine, has also been fantastic and is always there to answer questions or provide support, her quick communication and professionalism has made working with REVA easy from day 1.
Jim Schimpf
January 19, 2024
REVA Global has been outstanding. Very organized onboarding process and both VA's provided have been very consistent performers. They are fully integrated into our business. Been a great success.
Teal Clise
January 19, 2024
I'm pleased to share my second experience partnering with REVA for virtual staffing solutions. It's rare to find a team as personable and skilled as REVA's leadership. They've mastered the art of balancing genuine care for both business owners and staff members, making every interaction feel special and valued. What really sets REVA apart is their deep understanding of the specific job roles they cater to. They have a knack for pinpointing the perfect candidates for each position, ensuring a seamless fit every time. But here's the cherry on top: REVA's commitment flexibility is a game-changer in my industry. They get that market fluctuations can affect staffing needs, and they offer the kind of adaptability that’s crucial for my business's success. The absence of rigid contract commitments with REVA is a breath of fresh air. It speaks volumes about their philosophy: to be exceptional business partners, they must first understand and adapt to their clients' unique needs. Kudos to REVA for consistently proving that great partnerships are the cornerstone of great businesses.
Aaron Mackey
January 17, 2024
We work with Reva Global to have their virtual assistants provide customer service and call cold leads for our sales team. They have amazing management from the top down and are always reliable to complete the tasks at hand. The virtual assistants are very coachable and implement feedback extremely well. I would definitely recommend them!
Kathy Benjamin
January 17, 2024
Hiring our virtual assistant through REVA over a year ago was a game-changer. Our assistant dedication, skillset, and unwavering support have made her an integral part of our team, not just an outsourced resource. With our assistant handling crucial tasks, we've freed up bandwidth for core strategic initiatives in our company. Her proactive approach, meticulous attention to detail, and uncanny ability to anticipate our needs consistently exceed expectations. REVA was amazing at assisting to find a virtual virtual assistant who seamlessly integrated into your team and becomes a key contributor. REVA truly delivered the missing piece we didn't know we needed in our business.
January 16, 2024
Excellent communication throughout the hiring process and feedback is always welcomed by management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my Virtual Assistant being managed?

All clients are placed with and have complete access to their Client Services Manager (CSM) whose role is to oversee the daily operations of your Virtual Assistant. They act as an extra layer of support for you and your VA and you can ask them any questions.

Do you use any time tracking software? How am I sure that they are working during those hours?

Your chosen Virtual Assistant will provide you with a comprehensive Start of-Day (SOD) report, outlining the tasks they intend to accomplish throughout the day. You will receive an End-of-Day (EOD) report detailing all the tasks they successfully completed along with the corresponding time taken for each task. You have the complete flexibility to customize the report format and specify the information you wish to be included.

What availability do you offer for a dedicated Virtual Assistant?

We currently offer part-time (20 hours/week) and full-time (40 hours/week) availability for our dedicated Virtual Assistants.

I do not have enough work for 20 hours. Do you have any other options?

We have a minimum of 20 hours per week for our dedicated VAs. Our Client Services Managers will work with you to help determine what other tasks your VA can do to fill up their day. Click here to check out our free download with over 100 tasks you can start delegating to a real estate VA

Can I start with a part-time VA and transition to a full-time VA as my workload increases?

If the chosen VA is not currently engaged with another part-time client when you request a transition, you have the flexibility to switch from parttime to full-time. However, if the VA is already occupied with another client, you have the option to hire an additional part-time VA, allowing you
to have two dedicated VAs working part-time to caterto your needs.

Can I ask my VA to do other tasks during their shift?

Absolutely! Feel free to assign your Virtual Assistant to do various tasks for you throughout the day.

How are your Virtual Assistants trained?

Our Virtual Assistants undergo an intensive 4-week real estate training program, equipping them with the necessary skills and expertise to proficiently handle a wide range of real estate tasks for professionals in the industry.

Do your Virtual Assistants work in my time-zone?

Yes, our Virtual Assistants will work during your time-zone on the schedule that you have set.

Can I choose what days and hours my Virtual Assistant works?

You can choose any 4-hour block for part-time VAs and any 9-hour block (including 1 hour for unpaid lunch) for full-time VAs. For both part-time and full-time VAs, you can choose whichever 5 days you prefer as long as the VA gets 2 consecutive days off.

Do your Virtual Assistants have accents?

We meticulously screen and select Virtual Assistants with neutral accents to handle any phone-related tasks.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Nope! There is a one-month contract when starting services and after that you can cancel at any time with a 15-day termination notice.