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Motivated Seller Leads Delivered Instantly with Done-For-You Cold Calling

Skip The Burnout.
Get Hot Leads Delivered Instantly in Real-Time.

How It Works

Cold Call Your Entire List

Our investor-trained cold callers call your entire list multiple times through! We do the grunt work for you allowing you to focus on the income producing tasks for your business!

Gauge For Motivation

We will find all contacts with properties they would consider selling. We vet all contacts in order to gauge motivation, and collect all the details to pass on to you!  

Hot Leads Instantly Delivered

Once we identify a motivated seller you are notified right away in real time! This allows you to engage with the lead as soon as possible giving you the best possibility to convert!

Lead Sample Form

Owner Contact Information

Property Details

Property Condition

Follow Up Instructions

General Notes

Deal Dialers Client Info

Trained Remote Sales Professionals

Our team of skilled cold callers has received extensive training in the real estate industry and is eager to make phone calls that will generate leads for you.

Neutral Accents

College Educated

Strong Communication Skills

Cold Calling Experience

Professionally Trained

Management Team

Excellent English Proficiency

Client Success Stories

John Paul Kilduff III

“Next thing I knew I had acquisitions off of my plate, I had marketing off of my plate, I had transaction coordinating off of my plate…”

JoAnna Anderson

“REVA VA’s are already trained in real estate so that’s less time that I have to spend educating them and showing them how to do some of the basics. They come in with a wealth of knowledge already so it saves me time and increases my productivity.”

Billy Alvaro

“The quality of VA that you’re getting out of REVA is worlds apart. We were able to increase $120k per month in revenue that we either lost or weren’t going to be able to get because of the inefficiencies.”

David Dodge

“It’s probably going on 9 or 10 months that I’ve been working with REVA and we have multiple REVA VAs that are just crushing it for our business right now!”

Corey Suker

“I’m almost getting more leads than I can call. And so that’s why with you all I started with one and very shortly after hired the second, and very soon we might hire the third”

Hunter Altman

“The system at REVA Global is just setup for success. REVA trains their personnel very well and facilitate such a great experience for their customer”

Cold Calling Packages

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