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Motivated Seller Leads Delivered Instantly

Cold Calling Done-For-You!

There’s Never Been a Better Time Than NOW To Ramp Up Your Lead Generation with Done-For-You COLD CALLING & Managed Follow-Up Sales

Skip the burnout. Get hot leads instantly delivered in real time.

Skip the burnout.

Get hot leads instantly delivered in real time.

What We Can Do For You

Cold Call Your Entire List

Our investor-trained cold callers call your entire list multiple times through! We do the grunt work for you allowing you to focus on the income producing tasks for your business!

Gauge For Motivation

We will find all contacts with properties they would consider selling. We vet all contacts in order to gauge motivation, and collect all the details to pass on to you!  

Hot Leads Instantly Delivered

Once we identify a motivated seller you are notified right away in real time! This allows you to engage with the lead as soon as possible giving you the best possibility to convert!

Lead Sample Form

Owner Contact Information

Property Details

Property Condition

Follow Up Instructions

General Notes

Deal Dialers Client Information

Trained Remote Sales Professionals

Our team of experienced cold callers have been highly trained in real estate and are ready to hammer the phone to generate your leads.

All Cold Calling VA’s:

  • College Educated
  • Neutral Accents
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Multiple Years of Call Center Experience
  • Professionally Trained
  • Excellent English Proficiency


Client Success Stories

John Paul Kilduff III
Anchored Homes

JoAnna Anderson
Remnant Realty Solutions

“With the leads Deal Dialers generated for me, I was able to make a $40,000 profit in just one month with only a monthly investment of $2,200!”

T. Ball

Deal Dialers helped me sort through many leads in 1/10th of the time it would take with direct mail. I was able to close 3 properties and I have 3 more waiting to close as a result of Deal Dialers!”
JoAnna Anderson

Cold Calling Plans & Pricing

Want To Learn More Before Getting Started?

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