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Our team of talented Virtual Assistants are ready to tackle all administrative tasks including Email Management, Calendar & Scheduling, Data Entry, Listing & Transaction Coordination, Bookkeeping, and more!

Get More Done With an Administrative Virtual Assistant

In the real estate world, the ways in which you allocate your time can have a huge impact on the success of your business. As an agent, investor, or entrepreneur, it’s crucial for you to be focused on the tasks that play the biggest role contributing to the growth of your business.

The ability to delegate the repetitive and mundane tasks that eat away your time to a qualified and trained Virtual Assistant will allow you to leverage your time and increase business productivity.

With the help of an Administrative Virtual Assistant, you can pass off tasks such as email management, scheduling and calendar management, market research, data entry, updating/posting of listings, posting advertisements, and so much more!


Write off accounting duties to your dedicated Virtual Assistant. They can assist you with maintaining the financial aspects of your business such as accounts receivable and payable, create financial reports, reconciliation of revenue and expense accounts, manage invoices, etc.


Update the information found in your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to reflect the current property status, as well as update and manage listings on your websites. Quit spending valuable time entering data yourself, and hire a virtual assistant to do it for you!


Carry out a variety of administrative tasks for your business including call screening, calendar management, email management, creating reports, CRM management, travel arrangements, and more!


Our professionally trained Virtual Assistants can manage all paperwork and deadlines associated with your real estate transactions from contract to close. Pass on tasks such as opening escrow, creating and tracking deadlines, communicating between all parties, managing your schedule, and so much more!

Administrative Tasks Breakdown

General Administrative Tasks

  • Managing all aspects of CRM
  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis & Reports
  • Calendar Management
  • Travel Management
  • Hotel & Flight Booking
  • Online Research
  • Market Research
  • Product Research
  • Create Feedback Surveys
  • Follow-Up Calls
  • Fill-In Forms
  • Creating and Tracking Search Alerts
  • Data Mining & Lead Generation
  • Lead Screening & Validation
  • Uploading Information & Contacts to CRM
  • Uploading Networking Contacts & Follow-Up 

Transaction Coordination

  • Open escrow
  • Act as liaison between agents, attorneys, escrow companies, and mortgage brokers
  • Create and track deadlines
  • Maintain accurate and compliant files for all transactions
  • Communicate with agent throughout transaction
  • Contact lender for Appraisal Order Information
  • Coordinate closing date, time, and location and notify all parties
  • Monitor timeline for all properties
  • Organize closing file for agent including any needed signatures/initials/dates, etc.
  • Update property listings
  • Coordinate inspections, repair negotiations, and completion of repairs
  • Scheduling client follow-up calls (after close)

MLS Listing Tasks

  • Create new MLS listings
  • Update information on client’s listing
  • Upload listing info to your website and social media page



Discover The Best Tasks To Start Outsourcing To Save You Time & Money

I’ve had a great experience with REVA Global, can’t say enough good things about them. It’s a great fit and they will take a huge load off your shoulders and put a lot of money in your pocket.

David Bradford

COO, Drive Planning

I would rather have a quality VA who’s trained in real estate specific tasks. A big component is the coach that comes with the VA. So you know they’re working and doing ongoing training and learning to be consistent in your business.

LaDonna Smith

Sharper Home Solutions

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