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Our Virtual Assistants

⁖ Pre-Trained

REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants go through an extensive 4-week real estate training program that ensures they are capable and knowledgeable to be a successful member of your team.

⁖ College Educated & Highly Experienced

REVA’s Virtual Assistants have 4-year college degrees as well as extensive resume experience.

⁖ Custom Placement Process

Our team will place you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant that has the exact skill set to match the needs you are looking for.

⁖ Client Services Manager

With REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants, you are not only getting a highly skilled VA, but you are placed with a Client Services Manager (CSM) as well. The role of the CSM is to oversee the daily activities of your VA and make sure they are on time and working according to your goals and processes. You have complete access to them to bring up any questions, adjustments, or feedback.

⁖ DISC Profile & Predictive Index Assesment

All Virtual Assistants have been assessed using the DISC Profile method as well as the Predictive Index. Both of these personality tests help us to understand the roles your Virtual Assistant will excel in.

⁖ Neutral Accents

Our Virtual Assistants are located in the Philippines and have little to no accent. Since English is an official language, they are very proficient in English and have excellent communication skills.

⁖ 100% Dedicated To Your Business

When you hire a REVA Global Virtual Assistant, they are your employee, 100% dedicated to your business. Moonlighting is strictly forbidden.

⁖ Cultural Match

Our Virtual Assistants have similar cultural values as Americans: Family, Education, and Loyalty.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“REVA VA’s are already trained in real estate so that’s less time that I have to spend educating them and showing them how to do some of the basics. They come in with a wealth of knowledge already so it saves me time and increases my productivity.”

Joanna Anderson
Remnant Realty Solutions

“It’s probably going on 9 or 10 months that I’ve been working with REVA and we have multiple REVA Virtual Assistants that are just crushing it for our business right now! Having Virtual Assistants has been a game changer in my business.”

David Dodge
Discount Property Investor

“I planned on only hiring one out of the 4 of the VAs. After interviewing the candidates I ended up hiring 3 because they were all so amazing! I get compliments on my customer support every week and I now have people asking me where I hired them because they would like to hire from the same company.

Eliza Wensley

Great Company of VA's. Very Professional and Always aim to please. Big FAN 🙂

David Dodge

Highly recommend using REVA!!! They attract and retain top talent that’s specific to your needs. They are an integral part of our team and thrilled with with the support received.

Frank Milatta

We have an absolute rockstar working for us! REVA provides each individual with specific training that best helps them fill the needs of your company. Its been a very enjoyable experience.

Robert Kough

The whole team is very supportive to help me grow my business! They have met & exceeded all my expectations. Highly recommend!

Ben Schreiber

Mads is the best virtual assistant we could ever have. She is a game changer!

Rodney Kelley

I am very pleased with REVA and especially my assistant Shallen! Outstanding work and service!

Keith Baker

I have been working with REVA for over a year and would highly recommend their GREAT services! They helped my company grow faster and better because of their assistance.

Quinten Sutton

These guys are amazing! Top notch services! Ryan Cabellon gives me a tailor-made experience and supports our wholesaling business growth! I love my staff and love working with REVA!

Courtney Rollins

I have 3 REVA VA's working on my team. I couldn't be happier with our choice to use REVA and will continue to use them!

Aaron Bennett

I did an interview with their VA's where I planned on only hiring one out of the 4 of the VAs. After interviewing the candidates I ended up hiring 3 because they were all so amazing! I get compliments on my customer support every week and I now have people asking me where I hired them because they would like to hire from the same company. To say that Reva, and my virtual assistants (Gena, Gel, and Myryl), went above and beyond my expectations would be an understatement! If you're considering hiring virtual assistants from REVA, just pull the trigger and do it. They won't disappoint!

Eliza Wensley

I am coming up on my one-year anniversary with REVA. Ian, my assistant, is an intricate part of my team, so much so, I am unsure how I got along without her. She performs daily tasks that frees me up to take on new ventures, and the stress she relieves is unbelievable. In addition, I just returned from the first work-free, week-long family vacation that I have had in 17 years. I was able to totally disconnect for seven days and had total confidence that Ian had everything covered. It was great to return without a backlog of emails, calls, and fires to put out. In a nutshell....everyone should have an Ian:-)

John Allred

I started with REVA Global due to their structure, process, and the way they help screen the candidates and they did disappoint. Their team is consistent and professional, and I've been working with the same VA since starting over 2 years ago. My VA has helped taking a lot off my plate and helped my business tremendously. I highly recommend going through REVA Global to help grow your RE business!

Mike Qiu

The team we work with at REVA are professional, easily trained, confident and very successful. The relationship we developed over the years has been extremely profitable. I would highly recommend the Reva team. The Manager as well as the staff have always been accessible and very easy to communicate with. The availability was crucial in our business and they always deliver.

Heather Mcinnish

We have hired two VA's through REVA global. Our experience has been phenomenal so far. Their VA's are professional and open to all feedback and learning. They hit the ground ready to assist! They have lifted a large load off us so that we can focus on things that generate the revenue. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Angela Holladay

Very pleased with Ara, my virtual assistant. She has been a life saver for me and my business!

Angela Holladay

We’re Great Place To Work Certified!

Our Mission

We believe in providing real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses outsourced solutions that are unmatched in this space. Our core values of T.E.A.M, Ethics and Integrity, Loyalty and Trust, and Servant Leadership, are the building blocks that REVA Global was built upon.