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eat, sleep, invest podcast with bryan drisocll

Leveraging Virtual Assistants to Scale Your Real Estate Business with Bob Lachance

Podcast Summary:

The secret to success in real estate (and any other business, really)? 

A good Virtual Assistant. 

A good virtual assistant can take on many tasks, such as cold calling, text messaging, lead nurturing, database maintenance, and much more. This will give you the time and peace of mind you need to run your business and focus on closing deals. 

We also use virtual assistants in our company, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. That’s why today we’ve invited Bob Lachance to tell us everything there is to know about virtual assistants!

Bob is the founder and CEO of REVA Global, which provides highly trained real estate Virtual Assistants. Aside from running REVA Global, Bob is also a real estate investor who closed over 240 deals last year, leveraging the power of virtual assistants. 

Join us and discover how Virtual Assistants specializing in real estate can help you scale your business, what you should and shouldn’t outsource to them, and what separates Bob’s business from other businesses in this field.

Tune in! 

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