The Road to Financial Freedom with Michael Duncan - REVA Global

The Road to Financial Freedom

with Michael Duncan

Podcast Summary:

Today’s guest, Bob Lachance, is the founder and CEO of premiere Virtual Assistant staffing company REVA Global that helps real estate professionals get their time back and close more deals. Everything changed for Bob Lachance when he had an “a-ha” moment. A veteran of over 1,500 real estate investments, he had been helping real estate coaching programs build out their back end, and he was faced with the eternal problem: Once you close the deal with a new coaching client, how do you get them to succeed? What obstacles need to be removed so they get the results they are looking for? The breakthrough came when he realized that most of the coaching students didn’t lack knowledge, access to funds, or even courage. What they lacked was time. To hear more about Bob Lachance and his story, please make sure to tune into this week’s episode of The Road to Financial Freedom.

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