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What if Your Business Was Your Joy Box?

Podcast Summary:

Serial entrepreneur Amy Ransdell joins A.J. to explore why you should turn your company into your joy box. If you think back to the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll reconnect with the desires that made you want to become an entrepreneur. Now that you’re on the journey, are you staying true to these desires?

Tune in to learn how to rethink your role in your business and mold it into one that brings you JOY!

About Amy:
Amy Ransdell is a performance coach at her business Peak Performance. Over the years, she has coached more than 1000 clients. She is also the CMO of REVAGLOBAL, a company that matches business with highly skilled virtual assistants. Amy is also a real estate investor amongst other things.

In This Episode:

  • Who is Amy Ransdell? – 0:39
  • Where is Amy at in her entrepreneurial journey? – 02:11
  • How you can keep profiting from the same asset multiple times. – 03:15
  • Why you should start a global company with international talent (and how it’s going for Amy Ransdell). – 05:34
  • Why Amy Ransdell hires international talent from the Philippines. – 12:02
  • Is it possible to only work for four hours a day as an entrepreneur? – 15:30
  • The ONE thing that may be holding you back from leveling up your entrepreneurial game. – 19:02
  • How unexpected transition moments can push you to be creative. – 22:55
  • Two ways to assess the health of your business (and what happens if you don’t use both) – 27:23
  • Why the word SHOULD can be ABUSIVE. – 30:30
  • The power of practicing your company’s intention. – 34:15
  • Thinking of success as a positive impact. – 36:14

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