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about our virtual assistants


REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants go through an extensive 4-week real estate training program that ensures they are capable and knowledgeable to be a successful member of your team.

College Educated & Highly Experienced

REVA’s Virtual Assistants have 4-year college degrees as well as extensive resume experience.

Custom Placing Process

Our team will place you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant that has the exact skill set to match the needs you are looking for.

Client Services Manager

With REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants, you are not only getting a highly skilled VA, but you are placed with a Client Services Manager (CSM) as well. The role of the CSM is to oversee the daily activities of your VA and make sure they are on time and working according to your goals and processes. You have complete access to them to bring up any questions, adjustments, or feedback.

DISC Profile & Predictive Index

All Virtual Assistants have been assessed using the DISC Profile method as well as the Predictive Index. Both of these personality tests help us to understand the roles your Virtual Assistant will excel in.

Neutral Accents

Our Virtual Assistants are located in the Philippines and have little to no accent. Since English is an official language, they are very proficient in English and have excellent communication skills.

100% Dedicated To Your Business

When you hire a REVA Global Virtual Assistant, they are your employee, 100% dedicated to your business. Moonlighting is strictly forbidden.

Culture Core Match

Our Virtual Assistants have similar cultural values as Americans: Family, Education, and Loyalty.

pre-trained | screened | coached | custom placed to match your needs

Scale, Efficiency, and Time-Freedom For Your Business

Join the hundreds of businesses that have created Scale, Efficiency, and Time-Freedom with REVA Global Virtual Assistants.