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How To Know When You Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Most entrepreneurs are bombarded with an assortment of tasks on a daily basis that they are responsible for managing, which is typically something we pride ourselves on. However, there comes a tipping point where work is starting to be pushed aside or not getting done properly and efficiently. This is a good sign, but if you are unable to manage the growing level of business it may be a signal that it’s time to invest in some help to keep you on track!

Signs you need to hire a Virtual Assistant:

• You’re normally on top of things, but lately have been making mistakes and feeling all over the place.

• Your business is starting to feel more and more exhausting.

• You are putting important things on the back-burner because you “don’t have the time”

• Your business is stagnating from not being able to invest in scaling up.

• Relationships are suffering.

• You feel stuck in a rut not finding your rhythm.

If any of these are sounding familiar to you, the universe may be telling you something! It’s time you invest the right way and in the right people to take your business to the next level as well as relieving some of your stress.

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Running The Numbers

Running a business is no easy task and is a 24 hour job most of the time. This can easily start to take a toll on your mental health and stress levels which can lead to a decline in productivity. The bottom line is, you want to make sure your assistant is going to save you more money than they’ll cost.

Start by tracking your time throughout the day. Identify how much time you’re spending on the various tasks throughout the day, and do that for about a week. This will give you a good idea of how much of your time is being spent on certain activities and also helps to spot inefficiencies.

At the end of the week, go over your tracked time so you can see where your time is being allocated. If these are tasks that can be easily and affordably outsourced so you can focus on more productive tasks, it is worth investing in a virtual assistant.

  • Example: You are spending 6 – 8 hours a week dealing with customer calls, questions, and emails. At $9.60/hour for a REVA Global Virtual Assistant, that costs about $58 – $77 per week. In this same 6 – 8 hours, you could be focusing your time on the Income Producing Tasks for your business that will usually end up covering more than the costs of your VA.

The sooner you can focus your time on the Income Producing Tasks for your business, the sooner you will be able to scale up your business.

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