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How Your Non-Essential Small Business Can Thrive in the COVID-19 Era

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Times are tough for non-essential small businesses, to say the least. Social distancing measures have forced countless businesses across the country to shut their doors indefinitely, or at the very least, keep them open only in a limited capacity. If your business falls under this category, it’s critical to embrace the circumstances and make the necessary adjustments. Here are some tips and resources that can help your company thrive during the pandemic.


Learn How to Adapt

To survive as a non-essential small business during this pandemic, many small businesses have developed strategies to weather the storm. 

  • Coming up with a survival plan is a must during COVID-19. 
  • Learn about some strategies that small businesses are using to cope with the pandemic.
  • You’ve made it this far in the pandemic, here is a great guide with next steps to keep your business going!
  • Forming an LLC for your business can come with tax advantages and can protect your assets


Facilitate Remote Work

Remote work has been getting more and more popular in a variety of industries for years. But the COVID-19 pandemic is making it all but imperative for businesses to embrace it. 

  • Understand the benefits of incorporating remote work in your business operations. 
  • Learn the ins and outs of communicating and collaborating with a remote team. 
  • Make sure your team members are well-equipped to perform their work.
  • Along with equipment, provide your team members with access to essential collaboration software


Don’t Forsake Your Physical Location

Even though there’s so much attention being given to remote work right now, you should also be looking for ways to improve your brick-and-mortar store for when you can open up shop again

  • Start with the floors; if your floors have seen better days, consider updating the flooring with something durable and attractive
  • Assess your store for any areas that could use a fresh coat of paint
  • Take this opportunity to see whether you need to improve the lighting in your store. 


Outsource to Freelancers

While you want to avoid layoffs when at all possible, your business could likely benefit from outsourcing certain tasks. In fact, outsourcing can free up your employees to work on projects more specific to their expertise.

  • Relieve you and your employees of menial day-to-day take by hiring a virtual assistant from REVA Global.

Needless to say, small businesses in all sectors are facing tremendous challenges right now. To help your company succeed during the pandemic, embrace remote work, look for ways to boost appeal for your physical store, and consider areas that you can outsource. That way, you will put your business in a better position to thrive now and in the future.

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