Property Profits Real Estate Podcast with Dave Dubeau - REVA Global

Property Profits Real Estate Podcast

with Dave Dubeau

Discussing Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Podcast Summary:

00:46 – Why he jumps from NHL to real estate

01:44 – The first deal he got into when he first started

03:48 – How the idea about virtual assistants came to be, and when did he start hiring virtual assistants

05:07 – Where virtual assistants were of most help when he began utilizing them

06:28 – Tasks VAs focus on when working for wholesalers

08:25 – Systems and training that are in place to build buyers’ lists

09:21 – How does it look like working with virtual assistants

10:27 – Jobs you don’t want to leave up to virtual assistants

12:27 – How his company helps with client-VA expectations and clear communication

14:50 – The scope of what a VA can do cold calling in a day and how much of it translates into appointments and finally into deals.

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