10 Best Ways to Find Highly Motivated Sellers in 2024

10 best ways to find motivated sellers in 2024

In an ever-evolving real estate market, adapting your lead generation strategies is paramount. This adaptability is particularly crucial during slower periods when finding motivated sellers becomes even more essential. Understanding who motivated sellers are and employing diverse strategies to locate them is key to maintaining a thriving real estate business.

Exploring the Notion of Motivated Sellers:

Motivated sellers encompass homeowners eager to put their properties on the market, driven by various reasons. Some possess the desire to sell, while others are compelled by circumstances. This distinction categorizes motivated sellers into two primary groups: active and passive.

  • IActive Motivated Sellers

Those in this category are not only willing to sell but have actively initiated steps toward making it happen. They might have engaged with agents, contacted wholesalers, or attempted independent sales.

  • IPassive Motivated Sellers

Individuals in this group wish to sell but haven’t taken any concrete actions yet. Reasons vary from not knowing how to begin the process, health constraints, fear of selling at an inopportune time, or past unsuccessful attempts.

Real estate professionals play a pivotal role in guiding active sellers to a successful closing and encouraging the motivationally inert prospects to initiate the selling process.

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Strategies to Find Motivated Sellers:

1. Use Probate Sales 

Probate sales, involving the sale of a deceased person’s estate, present an overlooked yet lucrative opportunity. Techniques include checking local obituaries, monitoring estate sales on platforms like Craigslist and EstateSales.net, and reviewing probate records through the judicial district court.

Approach these situations with sensitivity, employing non-intrusive methods such as offering a free market analysis to initiate conversations without appearing overly sales-oriented.

2. Host Virtual or In Person Events for Potential Sellers:

Establishing relationships is fundamental in real estate. Small, budget-friendly events can yield motivated seller leads. Examples include participating in local events, hosting banquets, or organizing free workshops or webinars tailored to distressed sellers.

Gather information from attendees to enhance your real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.

3. Target Distressed Sellers:

Identify distressed sellers, those urgently needing to sell due to financial constraints, foreclosure, or emergencies. Methods include “driving for dollars” by inspecting distressed properties in person, searching online platforms like Foreclosure.com, Auction.com, and targeting expired listings on the MLS dashboard.

4. Reach Out to FSBOs:

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads are often warm prospects open to professional assistance. Find FSBO listings on websites like ForSaleByOwner.com or Zillow. Engage with these sellers, showcasing your competence as a reliable agent..

5. Work With Divorce Leads:

Though sensitive, divorce leads can be valuable. Partner with divorce attorneys and lenders, explore public divorce records, and use targeted ads on social media to reach potential sellers undergoing divorce.

6. Assist With Relocation Services:

Collaborate with corporations and government agencies involved in employee relocations. Partner with related businesses and offer relocation services to HR teams at large employers, creating a reliable stream of motivated seller leads.

7. Network With Real Estate Investors:

Attend local real estate investment meetings, join online forums, and participate in networking events to connect with investors. Build relationships to tap into potential distressed property leads.

8. Leverage Social Media Targeting:

Harness the power of social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Create targeted ads tailored to motivated sellers, directing users to a landing page for further engagement. Regularly monitor and optimize social media campaigns based on performance.

9. Handwrite Letters:

Employ the personal touch of sending handwritten letters to owners of distressed properties. Craft a compelling, empathetic message, personalize each letter, and include a clear call to action.

10. Utilize Virtual Assistants to Go Direct to Seller:

Virtual Assistants are a great solution for going direct to seller to target motivated sellers. Two of the most popular strategies are cold calling and text message marketing. 

Virtual Assistants can call hundreds of prospects for you each day. They can easily get information and gauge the motivation of the lead and segregate the list from cold to hot leads in your systems.

This ensures that each appointment that has been set by your VA has been vetted and is expecting your call. Virtual Assistants are fantastic when it comes to doing the legwork of generating the leads.

By implementing these diverse strategies, real estate professionals can proactively find motivated sellers, ensuring a continuous influx of leads even during market fluctuations. Adaptability and creativity in lead generation techniques are essential for sustained success in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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