The Real Estate of Mind Podcast with Glenn and Amber Schworm

The Real Estate of Mind Podcast

with Glenn and Amber Schworm

Invest in Yourself with Bob lachance

Podcast Summary:

Bob Lachance, once a professional ice hockey player, has since been a real estate investor and business owner since 2004. He is a serial entrepreneur and owns many different businesses around the world including REVA Global, a company that thrives in virtual assistant training and staffing in the real state space. He is additional a premier mentor in the real estate sphere and has gained a renowned reputation for his creation, implementation, and execution.

Bob speaks with Glenn and Amber about how he moved from his career as a professional athlete to his amazing successful enterprise in the real estate investing space. They also speak about the importance of virtual assistance, how Bob’s company operates and the many benefits that it provides. They dive into the value of important practices like lead generation, and documentation, as well as discuss how the pandemic changed the industry forever.

What You Will Learn

• Importance of investing in yourself
• Why workshops cost money
• Benefit of hiring virtual assistance
• Importance of lead generation
• Value of documentation in teaching
• How the pandemic changes the industry

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