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The Value of Follow Up In Real Estate

So you’ve got a pretty solid lead generation strategy and you’re trying to build a lasting pipeline. But is your follow up plan working?

Most agents expend a lot of their energy generating more and more leads. Ramping up business is important, however it’s the next steps that really move your leads from the first phone call to the closing table! Having a follow up plan is a critical aspect of the process to convert a lead into a sale.

According to Sirius Decisions, the average real estate agent only makes 2 attempts at following up and 45% only make 1 attempt to follow up. Their conversion rate would increase 9x if they increased their follow up attempts to just 5!

There is POWER in the FOLLOW UP!

On average, it takes about anywhere from 7-12 touches to convert a lead into a sale. According to, agents that make at least 6 follow up contacts have a 90% higher chance of getting a response and chance of converting the online lead.

Watch the video below to hear what Bob Lachance says about the importance of follow up and the systems he has implemented to stay on top of it all!

70% of all deals CLOSE through follow ups! Let that sink in… If you don’t have a solid follow up plan in place you are missing out on more deals than you realize!

Implementing Your Own Follow Up Plan

As you heard Bob say in the video above, he has a rock solid system implemented for following up through the power of dedicated virtual assistants. You can do the same!

REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants are already pre-trained in real estate so the amount of time training them to your own systems and processes is shortened a considerable amount. Not only that, but they are extremely affordable when compared to hiring a local staff member. It’s honestly a no brainer! Stop trying to do everything yourself and start leveraging the power of virtual assistants to not only get your time back, but so you can start focusing only on the income producing tasks for your business.

Ready To Level Up Your Business?

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