Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Investors

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Investors to Find Motivated Sellers

The world has since evolved ever since the first text message was sent on December 3rd, 1992 between Neil Papworth and Richard Jarvis.

Today, texting is a huge part of our daily communication where 1.5 billion people receive and send text messages each day. That’s around 65% of the world’s current population!

Now the question is: how can real estate investors leverage text message marketing to find motivated sellers?

In this article, we will discuss why text message marketing for real estate investors is a powerful strategy for generating tons of motivated seller leads and how you can automate it with Virtual Assistants trained to text for you.

Why Should Real Estate Investors Leverage Text Message Marketing?


It's quick and direct

In a world where time is deemed as important as money, people tend to have a preference for immediate forms of communication.

Everybody wants information in a snap! With an open rate of 97% within 15 minutes, sending text messages is probably one of the faster ways of communication and you can be sure that your message will be read by your target market almost instantly.


It has a high ROI rate

An outstanding 45% of text message marketing campaigns generate a successful return on investment. Going as far as 50% when mixed with other marketing channels such as social media, email, and cold calling.


It's cost efficient

The budget for text message marketing will depend on your needs and your list of leads, but if you send one text message campaign per week to a list of 10,000 leads, your cost will probably reach $400 a month when you use a pay-per-use platform.

That’s a reasonable price to pay compared to other communication channels such as social media and email, where you’ll need to shell out more of your budget for copywriters, photographers, designers, consultants, and editors.


It can be integrated with other marketing channels

It’s necessary for your marketing channels to be cohesive with one another and text message marketing is no exception. Texting as a marketing method is good on its own, but it has the capacity to enhance and prop up other marketing mediums such as social media and email marketing.

Let’s say that you’re hosting a webinar, you can send out a text message to your audience that asks: “Don’t forget to register for our webinar this week!” with a link to register.

It’s a great way to keep your followers engaged!


It has a greater positive impression than a cold call

60% of consumers prefer to receive text messages because it’s easy to use and fast. It’s a powerful marketing channel for real estate investors that can lead to great results when done consistently.

It’s quick and easy, so they can respond without having to sit down at their computer or pick up the phone.


Less competition

Despite almost everyone using text messaging, most businesses still rarely use it as a tool for marketing. Unlike social media or email, text messaging is a much less crowded space, which will make it easier for your business to stand out in finding quality leads.

This is a relatively newer marketing strategy that does lead to some controversial opinions about using it as a marketing strategy.

The truth however is that it simply works and is leading to some amazing results for our clients, which we will dive into next.

Automate Your Text Message Marketing With Trained Texting Virtual Assistants

Our trained text messaging Virtual Assistants are ready to manage your entire campaign and drive quality leads for your business.

Let’s Look at Some Real Numbers From Our Own Texting Campaigns

If you weren’t aware, our founder and CEO, Bob Lachance, is an active real estate investor and uses his own Virtual Assistants for all aspects of lead generation in his real estate business.

This includes text message marketing that has led to some impressive results to say the least.

We took a look at the numbers for last month (September) of 2022 and here is how it breaks down for just one Virtual Assistant managing a new campaign:


11,963 total texts sent (87.30% deliverability rate)


1,452 total responses (12.14% response rate)


94 motivated seller leads (3-4 qualified leads per day)


12 contracts locked up


6 deals closed

These numbers are just for one month!

Text message marketing for real estate investors is without a doubt a powerful strategy that should be implemented, but it has to be done consistently for it to be successful.

Too often investors try a new strategy for one month, don’t get the results they were expecting, and quit calling it a dead strategy.

This is simply not true and we have the data to back it up!

How Can I Automate My Texting Campaigns?

Great question! That’s where REVA Global’s Virtual Assistants come in.

While this strategy has proven to be extremely effective, it takes a lot of time and energy to manage campaigns by yourself.

From pulling the list, to importing it into your texting software, to managing the back and forth communication, to implementing drip campaigns, to creating new templates, to setting appointments, it can be a huge drain on your energy and will eat up so much of your time.

Not only does it require a lot of time and energy, the truth is that it is not the highest and best use of your time.

For real estate investors, it’s important to stay focused on the income-producing tasks that drive revenue in your business.

Having our affordable Virtual Assistants manage your campaigns frees you up to focus all of your time on locking up the deals.

Your VA sets the appointments, you lock up the deals.

What Will My Virtual Assistant Be Doing For My Texting Campaigns?

Here are a few of the tasks that your Virtual Assistant will manage for you in texting campaigns:

Pull and upload your list into your preferred texting software


Launch new campaigns and manage the back and forth communication with sellers


Implement drip campaigns and nurture leads


Call leads to further qualify them! (That's right! Our Virtual Assistants will call leads that request it to further qualify leads for you.)


Set motivated seller appointments on your calendar


Update your CRM


Track and monitor campaign results


Report on relevant KPI's for your campaigns


Create new templates to be used for new campaigns and follow up campaigns

All of this and more will be done FOR YOU by your REVA Global Virtual Assistant so you can focus on working the deals.

When done consistently, you will start to see lead flow and eventually deal flow.

Add in a cold calling Virtual Assistant and follow up Virtual Assistant and you will be swimming in deals before you know it!

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