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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Working Remotely 

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Working remotely was already a growing trend but the COVID-19 pandemic thrust this workstyle front and center for most businesses. If you were reluctant to embrace it before the pandemic, know that you may have been missing out on some pretty substantial benefits for your company. Aside from the obvious, which is saving on office space, hiring remote team members can also help your business grow, thrive and prosper, both during this crisis and beyond.

If you’re ready to learn more about why you should consider transitioning your team to permanent remote work, REVA Global offers the following tips and advice: 


Going Digital Can Keep Your Business Competitive 

Imagine a world where you had access to the top talents in their fields and you could put their expertise to work in accelerating your small business towards success. We live in that world, if you know how to apply digital business strategies

This in no small part includes recruiting and hiring remote employees. When your need for new staff is not tethered to a single geographical location, you can look for the best and brightest in each field. You have access to a national, or even a global, pool of talent who offer unique skills and experience that typically can’t be matched by local candidates. 

If you prefer to hire locals, offering flexible arrangements like remote work, compressed schedules and family programs can also open your business up to a broader range of candidates. What’s more, Empire Suite notes job seekers are increasingly looking for these perks, so providing them can set you apart from your competition—and could even help you retain your top talent. 


Transitioning to Remote Work Can Be Stress-Free 

Many small businesses avoid going digital and offering remote work because they’re not quite sure how to manage such a major transition. In reality, Forbes points out that shifting to remote work doesn’t have to be overly complicated, stressful or time-consuming. 

Start by cultivating a sense of empathy towards your team and even yourself while you make the necessary changes. Check in to see if any of your staff needs help with acquiring new technology or managing their schedule, the latter of which can be a challenge for those with kids learning at home. 

Also, be sure to keep your team connected to you and each other by using remote work tools like video conferencing services or instant messaging. 


Foregoing Office Space Can Save Your Business Money

When it comes to utilizing remote work arrangements, there is a key benefit you really don’t want to miss: drastically reducing your expenses. Even if you only allowed your staff to work remotely half of the time, CMSWire explains that you could end up saving $11,000 annually per employee.

Based on that alone, depending on the size of your business, and how feasible it is to transition most of your team to remote work, you could turn the pandemic transition into a source of serious savings for your business. 

In addition to reducing your office and operating costs, allowing people to work remotely can enhance their productivity and morale. That can result in an even bigger boost for your bottom line, but the savings don’t have to stop with just your business. Working from home can provide a boost for your personal finances as well, with telecommuters saving an additional $4,000 each year. 

Adjusting to remote work can be nerve wracking at first, especially when it’s your business that is at stake. With so many tech tools and innovations, however, working remotely is easier and more effective for businesses than ever before. Couple these tools with trust in your team and yourself, and you have the ingredients to make remote arrangements really work for your business. From there, you can continue to save money and expand your business well beyond the current crisis.

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