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Why Wearing Too Many Hats Could Be Hurting You Business

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Wearing too many hats is usually never a good look for any business.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have this uncanny ability to be able to multitask and it’s something we thrive upon in the beginning. While this can be rewarding and impressive in the short run, it’s not scalable nor sustainable for long-term growth.

The ability to delegate and handoff important tasks to subordinates is a skill that not everyone possesses. Delegation doesn’t come inherently to many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Changing Your Mindset

This is the first step towards you being able to hang up a few of the hats you’ve been wearing. Most people are under the assumption they can perform certain tasks more effectively and efficiently than someone else. This is the most common reason the growth of business begins to plateau.

You’re in resistance mode and not willing to let go of control, and maybe even sometimes referred to as a control freak! This can end up burning you out and ultimately impeding business productivity and growth. To position yourself for healthy, organic growth, concentrate on managing your business strategy and train others to handle the less important tasks.

Take Action

You may have heard of the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule. This principle states that in any given situation, 80% of the outcome is produced by 20% of the input. This is useful for determining where you should be focusing your efforts and resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

Everyone and every business has a different 80/20 principle. Where your 20% is best spent won’t be the same as the next guy. Once you can identify your 20% that is most productive for your business, focus on that and delegate the rest for better results.

Hats Off…

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