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Why Does It Matter?

What’s the fuss about online presence and what exactly does it mean for your business?

What is it and why is important?

Online presence is the existence of an individual or a business that can be found via an online search.

More and more consumers use the internet to search for services they need or products they want to purchase. Having an online presence can mean that you have a website, social media pages or profiles, online listing’s, and reviews. This being said, a potential customer is more likely to deal with a business with an active online presence.


Tips For Building Your Own Online Presence

 There’s a lot more to having an online presence than just creating or sharing posts.


1. Have A Professional And Consistent Theme

Use your business logo colors to associate the theme of your posts to your brand. This will allow your timeline to look more cohesive. Consistency is huge when it comes to building a brand and its online presence.


Check out the Instagram feeds of McDonalds, Starbucks, and Upwork. All of them have a consistent look and feel to them.


This consistent look creates an omnipresence and your brand will subconsciously be on people’s minds when they encounter a similar look or feel.


An easy to navigate website is another must have for anyone trying to establish a brand presence. Nothing is worse than coming to a website that is overly busy with tons of pop-up announcements and widgets that make you forget why you went there in the first place.


More often than not, simplicity is key. Keeping things simple can be much more powerful and effective than you may realize.


2. Establish An Active Presence

By not actively establishing an online presence, you lose out on potential customers to those businesses who do. It’s not enough that you have a Facebook or LinkedIn page, you need to build daily or weekly posts that makes your page relevant.


You should ideally be posting something to your social media platforms at least once a day. If you can’t make that happen try every other day, but make sure you are consistently posting a bare minimum of at least once per week.


You can do “Motivation Monday” and post a inspirational quote branded with your logo and colors. “Tip Tuesdays” you could post relevant tips and advice. Wednesday maybe you’re sharing a relevant article or answering common questions.


As long as you stay relevant, consistent, and in front of your audience’s face, you’ll start to grow and establish your online presence.


3. Know Your Audience

This is a simple tip that may seem like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen companies share content that doesn’t align with their audience.


Keep in mind that “EVERYONE” is not an audience. Make content that speaks to YOUR audience and you will have much better engagement.


4. Build your Calendar

Creating a content calendar will help you plan out your content for the month and helps to keep your content organized. This will also help you mark holidays and events that you can use to build your content for a more relevant post. Taking the time to make a calendar helps keep your social media presence organized.


There are even apps and software dedicated to just this, like Buffer, that even allow you to schedule your posts so there are less steps you need to take.


Virtual Assistants To Manage Your Online Presence 

Like most people running businesses, you probably don’t have the time or energy to manage your online presence across all different social media platforms alone. From creating content, to creating graphics, posting, replying, and more it can start to feel like a job itself.


Here at REVA Global, we provide highly talented Virtual Assistants that are able to manage your online presence so you don’t have to!


Our skilled Virtual Assistants can manage a wide array of tasks including:

  • Social media management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Video editing and uploading
  • Craigslist posting and keyword search
  • Blogging (article and content writing, managing website, etc.)
  • Manage drip campaigns for prospects and professionals
  • Creatives (flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Basic SEO (pay-per-click, back linking, etc.)
  • And so much more!


Our Gift To You! ?

The tasks our rock star Virtual Assistants can handle doesn’t end at managing your online presence.

We have a FREE Virtual Assistant Framework that outlines over 100 tasks Virtual Assistants can do for you so you can start checking off what tasks you can start offloading so you can focus on the Income-Producing Tasks for your business.

? We’re Here To Help! ?

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