6 Tips For Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant - REVA Global

Have you been thinking about pulling the trigger and hiring your first Virtual Assistant?

Investing in a dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be one of the best decisions you make for your business. You can cut down on your operational costs as well as achieve more of a work-life balance, allowing you to focus on the tasks that produce income for your business.

Here are 6 valuable tips when getting ready to hire your first VA:

  1. Delegating – Identifying exactly what tasks you can start outsourcing to your VA is a critical starting point. Even smaller tasks such as appointment setting, social media management, or handling emails is a good starting point. We recommend going through your normal work week and document all the tasks you are doing and how much time you are spending on them. At the end of the week, determine what tasks are taking up too much of your time that would be better spent on income producing tasks. Remember, almost anything over the phone or internet can be done by a VA!


2. Training – This is a crucial step for setting your VA up for success. Although our VA’s are pre-trained in real estate specific tasks, you will need to train them according to your own systems and processes. Even if you don’t currently have a VA, documenting your processes is essential to being able to replace yourself. Screen recording and voice-over instructions can be very helpful for this.



3. Communication – As with most relationships in life, communication is such always an important factor. Having a short daily or weekly meeting with your VA is a great way to set goals, celebrate wins, or talk about any adjustments that may need to be made. With a REVA Global Virtual Assistant you will have an End of Day Report to see what was accomplished each day!



4. Setting Expectations – By setting clear expectations and goals you can ensure a great and long-lasting relationship with your VA. Let them know exactly what their role is and what you expect from them to encourage their brilliance. This will set you both up for success! Win-Win!



5. Equipment – Having the right tools in place for your Virtual Assistant to work with is another way to encourage a successful partnership. Provide your communication platform for them to message, video conference, and make calls. Access to your CRM, social media, or any account they should need for your business. Providing the right tools ensures you are setting them up with all they need to succeed.



6. Be Prepared – Having your Virtual Assistant create a manual on how they accomplish their daily tasks can be beneficial if you plan on adding more VA’s to your team later down the road so they can pass on what you have taught them. This can also include screen recording or call recording.


We Are Here To Help

Hiring your first Virtual Assistant shouldn’t be a difficult process! We make it easy to understand what you need help focusing on and what you need to offload so you can double and triple your business.

There is no secret formula that will work for every situation. Every business is different and everyone has their own systems and processes, but there is always a winning strategy that can work for everyone.

If you are ready to invest in your first dedicated virtual assistant or would like to learn more about our services or how to get started, click below to schedule your FREE Strategy Session to talk with one of our placement specialists and develop a plan of action for growth and cost saving in your business.

This is what we do! We help our clients achieve a healthier work-life balance while growing their businesses through leverage, automation, and delegation. Do LESS and EARN more!