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The 10 Tactical Moves For Your Real Estate Business 

The recent news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many people uncertain about what the future of the real estate market will look like. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure what impact this will have on the market and economy over the next few weeks. 

Fortunately, we do know that there are tactical moves you can make in your business right now to not only sustain but advance your business. Our volume investor and agent clients are deploying tactical moves right now you need for your business!

There will most certainly be a trickle down effect that will have some impact across all industries. We have already seen this start to happen with restaurants, bars, event spaces, etc.

Above all, don’t get stuck in PANDEMIC PARALYSIS! Don’t let the recent news hinder the progress you have worked so hard to achieve. It’s time to pivot and take massive action so your business will continue to grow and thrive!

I’m going to provide you with 10 tactical moves you can deploy in your real estate business now. 

10 Tactical Moves For Your Real Estate Business

1. Increase Your Cold Calling – More people (decision makers) are now working from home, staying inside more regularly, and not traveling as a result of the pandemic. Furthermore, as the market continues to change, more people will be looking to sell their homes. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to generate warm and hot leads by ramping up your cold calling efforts.

Done for you cold calling services such as Deal Dialers is a great and affordable way to generate tons of hot motivated seller leads. You simply give them your list, they will skip trace your list if need be, call the list multiple times through, and send you the hot leads instantly in real time. 

2. Virtual Open HousesMore and more agents are using the power of live streaming to record open house videos. Set up a time on Facebook or a live streaming app such as Periscope to take your online audience on a virtually guided tour by you.

There are multiple benefits to this. You now have a guided video you can attach to your listing to increase the chances of selling. You can edit, share, and re-purpose the video for all your marketing efforts. 

People can tune in from the comfort of their own home and don’t have to spend time or money traveling. This is a great opportunity for the agent as well to build trust and bring value to your audience. 

3. Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates – Mortgage rates are likely to remain low for a while. Take advantage of this opportunity to refinance your existing properties and to move forward on new purchases. However, you may experience delayed turnaround times as lenders are seeing large influxes of business.

4. Follow Up With Leads – Now is the perfect time to reach out to your current and past leads to check in and offer assistance in any way. This is an opportunity to build rapport with your leads and let them know you are still available. 

Make yourself the agent or investor that first comes to the sellers mind when they are ready to sell. Like we say around here, “When you’re ready, we’re ready”.

5. Maximize Your Marketing Approach – Use this time to clearly define your what your marketing strategy will look like moving forward. This is an opportunity to strengthen your brand and message as well as map out upcoming campaigns and your implementation plan.

6. Engage Your Audience – Engage your audience through your website, business pages, and social media accounts. Keep them up to date on your plans and let them know what you are available to help with.

It’s important to keep an active social media presence during these times so your audience doesn’t forget about you. Since more people will be staying in their homes over the next few weeks, chances are they will be surfing the web on computers and smartphones more frequently, so take advantage of this opportunity!

7. Utilize Virtual Assistants – Virtual Assistants are an incredible solution to creating and strengthening 3 areas of your business: efficiency, scalability, and time freedom. Virtual work is nothing new to them so that means less time setting up systems, equipment, and the overall know-how when it comes to remote work.

Here at REVA Global, we provide extensive real estate training for our VA’s, ensure proper infrastructure for virtual work – including a backup system, as well as start of day and end of day reports summarizing the tasks they accomplished that day.

8. Keep Communications Open – It is very important to keep your communications open during these times and to be as transparent as possible. If you’re a landlord, send a friendly text, email, or call to check in on your tenants and let them know if there’s anything you can assist with (given you have the ability to safely assist).

9. Stay Consistent – Consistency, consistency, consistency. I’m going to say that one more time to help drill it in…consistency! I can’t even begin to explain how important consistency is, especially during uncertain times.

Stay consistent online by posting content and updates on your accounts. Keep your message and intention congruent with your business. 

10. Get Creative –  Let this be an opportunity for you to really let the creative juices flow! Instead of viewing this as something that will cripple your business, view it as an opportunity to work on your skills, message, and intention so you will come out of this even stronger than before.

Use this time to sharpen your axe, refine your skills, and strategize how to move forward creatively. These are the 10 tactical moves you can deploy in your real estate business that other volume agents and investors have already started to implement. 


We encourage everyone to stay up to date on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to practice preventative measures recommended by the CDC and WHO. 

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

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