Close More Deals with a Follow Up Virtual Assistant

Close More Deals with a Follow Up Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVAs) can be a valuable asset for real estate agents and investors looking to follow up with leads and close more deals. These specialized assistants are trained to handle a variety of tasks related to the real estate industry, including managing leads, scheduling appointments, and communicating with clients.

One of the primary responsibilities of a real estate virtual assistant is to follow up with leads in a timely and effective manner. This can involve reaching out to potential clients through phone calls, emails, or text messages to inquire about their real estate needs and interests.

By following up consistently and staying in touch with leads, real estate agents and investors can increase their chances of converting those leads into paying clients.

Why Follow Up is Crucial in Real Estate

We can’t stress enough the importance of follow-up in the sales process. If you don’t have a consistent follow-up process in place, you’re missing out on deals you never knew existed.

Before we give you a follow-up process that a VA can implement, check out some of these sales and follow-up stats:

Only 2% of sales close at the initial meeting

The average sales follow-up drop off rates breakdown like this:


44% of sales reps stop following-up after one rejection


22% stop after 2 rejections


14% stop after 3 rejections


12% stop after 4 rejections

92% of people stop after the 4th “NO”

If you’re following up at least 5 times with a seller, you’re already way ahead of the competition!

Couple that with the fact that it takes an average of 7-12 touches for a lead to convert, you can see why follow up is so important.

An average of 70% – 80% (we would say even higher) of all sales are closed through follow up, and 92% of people are stopping after 4 follow up attempts.

If you have a consistent follow up process, you’re bound to close more deals.

Dedicated Follow Up Virtual Assistants To Help You Close More Deals

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants are trained to follow up with leads and set appointments for you to give you the best chance to convert leads.

How To Implement a Follow Up Process with a Virtual Assistant

Implementing a follow up process with a Virtual Assistant is easier than you may think. In order to be successful, you need to have a Virtual Assistant consistently follow up with leads and set appointments for you.

You can have a Virtual Assistant follow up with the warm and cold leads in your pipeline, and if done consistently, will lead to more closings in your business.

You can follow this basic guideline for following up with leads and make adjustments according to your goals.

Lead Follow Up Process

We recommend a 3-tiered approach when it comes to following up with leads.

Most importantly is a phone call, and you can add in a text message as well as an email. These leads are in your pipeline because at some point they’ve expressed interest in selling their property, so don’t overthink it.

By implementing a consistent follow up process with Virtual Assistants, you’re guaranteed to set more appointments, lock up more contracts, and close more deals.

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