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5 Tips For Working From Home That Will Boost Your Productivity

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused a major impact on all levels of businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, many businesses have not been able to survive the economic impact this unprecedented event has caused. However, with the announcement of the government issued SBA Loans which includes the Paycheck Protection Program, many businesses are able to retain their employees and forego layoffs. On the other hand, many companies have had to pivot and have adopted a work from home approach to keep operations running.

With the current situation, working from home can be very beneficial for most of us but it also comes with it’s own set of challenges. Having this opportunity helps us to continuously earn a living safely in our home, but how will our productivity be measured? How can we ensure we meet our deliverable’s?

We have compiled a list of 5 of the most important tips when it comes to effectively working from home and staying productive.


5 Tips For Working From Home That Will Boost Your Productivity


1.   Have Your Own Workspace 

Check your needs. Does your work require to take or do outbound calls? Or you will engage in video conferences regularly? Find a good spot in the house that can be used as your temporary office which is free from clutter, organized, and away from distractions. 

You also need to work with the members of your household. Let them know about your work schedules and set some boundaries to ensure you are staying focused and productive. 

Avoid entertaining non-work related tasks within the working hours and limit your phone usage for personal matters. Not only it will lessen your productivity hours but it can cause interruptions.

2.   Managing Expectations 

Managing your expectations in the workplace is a skill that is overlooked far too often.  The ability to effectively organize, manage, and direct conversations around accomplishing your tasks in a timely manner can be very beneficial, especially when working remotely.

Keep a to-do list and completion time frame to keep you on schedule. Identify all the tasks you need to get done on a daily basis or for the entire work-week. By doing this, you will be able to prioritize the tasks that are most important and adjust your pace as necessary to cover everything for the day. 

If you are working on a shared task with a co-worker, it should be clear to both parties about your respective responsibilities and deadlines.


3.   Communication and Connection

Being isolated for long periods of time can cause anxiety and loss of focus. Think of a creative way to reach out to your colleagues. It doesn’t have to be constant check-ins or updates on the progress of your tasks. 

Engage in a light conversation to give yourself a little breather from a hectic workload or initiate a video call to check how your teammates’ day has been. You could inject some light humor every now and then by sending funny memes or gifs.

Encourage them to be engaging by letting you see their workstation or share how they prep up for work. This is a perfect chance to know more about them!


4.   Create a Routine

Having a daily routine can be very helpful for some people and keep them on track throughout the day. Due to the unexpected situation that the Coronavirus has caused, many people have found they can’t continue the routine they were so used to before.

Try your best to continue your same routine as if nothing has changed. If you used to get up at 6 am to hit the gym every morning, make it a point to continue waking up at 6 am and workout in your living room. Did you normally go out for a walk to clear your head before lunch? Keep doing it! 

Don’t let the current situation take away from the things that kept you on track. It helps to create a sense of normalcy as well. Obviously, you may find there are some things that you just simply won’t be able to do anymore because of the pandemic. 

Prepare yourself as if you’re going to the office. Take a shower, get dressed, start your shift with a cup of coffee to set your mood. Have the right mind-set, diligently work on your deliverable’s as soon as you get started.

Once you’re done for the day, make it a habit to clear your desk and turn on your favorite music or do a minute stretching before leaving the work station.

5.   Have a Secure System With a Backup In Place

Be prepared for the unexpected by having a backup system in place to prevent losing work, causing delays, or encountering a myriad of other inconveniences when random outages occur. Your computer might act up in the middle of your work or your internet connection could turn wonky. It’s best to have a back-up system ready in case this happens. 

Investing in a noise-cancelling headset can help you stay focused as well by limiting distracting external sounds. Although they tend to be on the pricier side, they are usually well worth the investment in the long run. Especially if you are someone who is easily distracted.

We are all hoping that everything will be back to normal sooner than later. Until then we must keep persevering and continue as best as we can to stay sane, safe, and healthy.

As working from home becomes increasingly more popular, we may start to see a shift in more businesses embracing remote work. For now, take the necessary steps to ensure you are being as productive as you can while working from home.

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