No two leads are created equally, and that can make managing all of those calls, emails and web submissions a real challenge.

Sure, you want to generate lots of leads at the end of the day—this is definitely a volume game, especially in the beginning—but it’s critical to have a system in place that separates the good from the bad. Without it, you’re going to waste time, and at the end of the day, time is your most valuable resource. So you really can’t afford to waste it on sub-par leads.
So how do you act on the best leads and ditch the worst—and do it all fast? By utilizing an effective Seller Lead Management System that ensures you’re only spending time with the most motivated sellers. Our system focuses on working with sellers, including:

The questions you need to ask EVERY TIME
How to determine whether a seller is motivated or unmotivated
How to determine if you have a good deal on your hands

At the core of this system is determining the type of lead you’ve got on your hands. Every potential seller falls into one of three categories:

The category a seller falls into is a direct reflection of how serious they are about selling their property and that directly impacts how you approach and engage that seller.

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But that’s not all your Seller Lead Sheet is good for. This comprehensive assessment tool has a number of key functions, including:

Making sure your conversations are always FOCUSED
Enabling you to gather all information needed
Helping train others on how to assess leads quickly and effectively
Offering a built-in script to keep potential deals moving forward
To do this, the Seller Lead Sheet is broken into four main sections:
General information
Motivation and price
Mortgage information
Follow up and discussion notes/needs
Once you work through your sheet, you’ll be ready to take action.

Motivated sellers are easy to spot. They’re communicative, highly responsive and eager to move on to the next step with you. Once you spot a motivated seller, you’ll want to:

Set up an appointment—that day, if possible
Run a desktop analysis and review the property card
If all checks out, try and work on final terms with the seller, and see if you can reach a deal
If you’ve got a deal, send a contract and pull the title
If you can’t come to terms with the seller, follow up weekly to see if their situation changes—the price drops, for example, or their needs shift
What To Do When You’ve Got a NOT-SO-MOTIVATED Seller

Not every seller is motivated. If you wind up going back-and-forth with a less than motivated seller, again, you’ll know it. They’ll likely be a bit more closed off when it comes to sharing details, or may dig their heels in when it comes time to talk terms. Before you spin your wheels with these sellers, dip your toe in the water a bit and see what happens:

Run a desktop analysis and determine a value estimate
Make a verbal offer over the phone, just to gauge interest
If there’s interest in your verbal offer, set an appointment ASAP
If there’s NO interest in your verbal offer, follow up monthly to see if their situation changes. A non-motivated seller can easily become a motivated one if their property sits for too long or they experience some major life event—a last minute move, job loss or other emergency.
Used effectively, your Seller Lead Sheet and IVAS’ Seller Lead Management System will save you time, resources and lots of headaches.
Start by walking each lead through your sheet to determine their motivations, then frame the conversation and immediate next steps through that lens. You’ll be able to spend more time on the deals that matter, and less on all the rest. And that means you’ll close more meaningful deals without getting caught up in all the clutter.

It’s a win/win.