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How To Make Hiring Virtual Assistants a Breeze And Why “VA’s” Are The Quickest Way To Scale Your Business

Podcast Summary:

This episode with Bob Lachance is a great one if you are looking to learn more about what a virtual assistant is, how you can hire one, and what they can specifically help with in your business. We get into the weeds and discuss what tasks are most commonly outsourced to VAs, how much a VA typically costs, and the exact process of how to best source, vet, and hire a virtual assistant.

Show Notes:

3:43 Bob shares how he transitioned from his NHL career to real estate investing.

8:32 We learn what a virtual assistant is and how they can be integrated into someone’s business. 

12:53 Bob shares what most of his clients use virtual assistants for.

16:40 Bob discusses how he finds virtual assistants and their common misconceptions.

19:28 We discuss how Reva Global vets, hires, and trains VAs. 

21:42 Bob discusses his competition with UpWork and the benefits/compensation he provides to employees.

24:31 We discuss how many of Bob’s clients hire their VA’s full time and build relationships with their employees. 

28:00 Bob shares the tasks and roles that are ideal for VA’s, as it relates to scaling your real estate business.

36:38  We discuss the organizational structure of VA’s and how REVA has a strategy session to help determine the type of help companies need.

41:59 Bob shares what he would do differently if he was starting both of his businesses again. 

43:32 Bob shares the importance of taking a loss and how it is beneficial for the learning process. 

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