Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast - Chris Prefontaine - REVA Global

 smart real estate coach podcast

with chris prefontaine

from pro hockey player to real estate investor

Podcast Summary:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Bob’s experience as a professional hockey player taught him early in his career the importance of having a coach
  • How Bob made his way into real estate investing after retiring from his career as a hockey player
  • How Bob’s local REI group played an integral role in getting him started as an investor, and how he recognized that many investors struggle with a lack of time
  • How Bob got involved in the virtual assistant business, and how his virtual assistants can help investors make the most of their limited time
  • How Bob and his team carefully vet and train their virtual assistants to ensure that they have the skills and tools they need to succeed
  • Why following the next shiny object in real estate will never take you as far as picking a niche and sticking to it until you master it
  • How Bob finds a way to balance between his time working on his two companies and his time with his family
  • How to get in touch with REVA and find out more information about their virtual assistant services
  • What key daily habits and morning rituals Bob follows to ensure that he’s starting each day off at his best
  • Why effectively marketing yourself is crucial for any business, whether in the real estate space or elsewhere

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