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Recruitment Team

A well-knit team of powerhouse individuals who determines the level of quality people they bring in to work alongside us. Our Recruitment Team not only recognizes the skill they can also sense career paths.

Paolo Antonio C. Jose

Recruitment Manager

Paolo Jose has been in the BPO industry for more than 12 years, is an entrepreneur, and is currently supporting the Recruitment Department of REVA Global LLC. He started his career handling different facets of HR and Recruitment for different multinational companies, and later on, became a Recruitment Director for a local company in the Philippines. He then moved to the Training and Development division where he spent more than 8 years assisting different departments and accounts, helping improve performance and increasing revenue.

Paolo created and developed grids, systems, processes, and business plans that helped save multimillion-dollar projects, and also helped increase the standards of the companies he worked for.

Michael John Rillera

Recruitment Specialist

Michael John Rillera has been in the BPO industry since 2010. He was able to work in different lines of businesses, amassing an array of experience which allowed him to gain mastery of his skills and eventually transitioning to a home based set up. He started with REVA GLOBAL as a virtual assistant and slowly climbed the corporate ladder to join the Recruitment Team.

He’s always eager to learn new things and to make it a point to challenge himself. In his free time he usually builds and fixes computers, he also likes playing online games and a self-defense practitioner.

Jeremay Silvestre

Recruitment Specialist

Jay Silvestre has been in the BPO industry for more than 11 years. He has started his career in recruitment way back in 2007 and eventually moved into handling sourcing. His experience is mostly on spearheading call center expansions on different locations. Being associated with a lot of organizations has helped him expand his networks, which makes it one of his strengths as a Talent Acquisition professional. He joined the home based set up as he believes in work-life balance.
Outside work he is a mall rat, movie buff and a casual gamer. When he has time, he likes to experiment in the kitchen and play with his 6 dogs.

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