Operations Team

By focusing on nothing short of excellence, our operations team consists of a strong unit of servant leaders who lives to serve with a passion that drives amazing results towards the success of both our VAs and our Clients.


Senior Operations Manager

Mike has been a BPO professional since 2002 and has managed a variety of teams in different companies, LOBs, and verticals for more than a decade. He is also an entrepreneur and is involved in the food business.

He is a fast-paced individual, expert in outlier management, performance improvement, training, people development, and coaching. Colleagues would describe him as an advocate of talent development and process improvement. He values integrity and servant leadership and also firmly believes in enabling people to succeed in meeting goals and objectives.

In REVA, as his second home, Mike consistently takes steps to incrementally level-up himself and his teams, championing a well-structured workplace and culture of continuous improvement. 

Outside of work, he considers himself an artist, musician, and a flick-geek in his own right. He finds no shame in his unread books collecting dust at the moment.


Operations Manager

Lyz has been in the Business Process Outsourcing for around 10 years handling various accounts, campaigns, and projects. She specialized in global customer service, technical resolutions, client and project management. She was also a business development professional for a Philippine-based recruitment firm.

In 2015, she joined a company that would later be known as REVA Global LLC as a virtual assistant. After just a few months, her abilities became very evident that she was offered a spot in the support team working in most of the company’s departments such as training, human resources, and recruitment.

In 2017, she was asked to join the operations team as a business coach and later promoted to an Operations Manager supporting Client Services Managers. As one of our most tenured support personnel, she develops and mentors some of our newer support members to help hone their capabilities ultimately creating a stronger and better REVA Global family.


Operations Manager

Jerry comes to REVA Global with a diverse background in sales, sales training, and operational management. He is a graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Pasadena with a BFA in Advertising Design. While still in school, worked as an Art Director in Downtown Los Angeles on accounts such as McDonald’s and Toyota. The one lesson he took away from his education is “always think laterally” – most people call it “out of the box”.

His sales background started with cars- Mercedes Benz. With a successful 2 year run at sellinghighline vehicles, Jerry was pulled into the mortgage business by one his Mercedes Benz clients who partnered with him to create and eventually manage an internet sales department for a Long Beach, CA mortgage brokerage. Over a 6 year period, and over $30M in completed loans later, he had amassed a wide range of real estate partnerships and knowledge which he now brings to REVA Global.

Jerry moved to the Philippines in 2010 to manufacture and distribute items he had invented and patented.  Admittedly, he was to find out he was not suited, nor prepared, to own and operate an international business. So he took his talents to the BPO industry and grew in the ranks quite quickly. Within 9 months, almost single-handedly, by creating sales seminars, scripts, and coaching programs, the largest internet provider in the States saw sales increase by 300% for the Makati, Manila site- which was #1 for all international BPO sites. He was most recently the Senior Account manager of an online digital marketing agency where he was tasked with being the point of contact for the majority of the clients. As a lead marketing strategist, Jerry also was essential to invoicing and accounting, project management and customer service.

Light-hearted in nature and bit comedic at times, Jerry brings an enthusiasm and energy which permeates a room. With his vast skill set, sales experience, and real estate background,  we are happy to introduce our newest Operations Manager.


Client Servies Manager

Abbie started her career in the Business Process Outsourcing industry in 2005. She had first hand experience in providing excellent customer service as a Customer Service Representative & took on leadership role to develop & hone the same mindset & skills within Operations as a Supervisor. She is growth-oriented with extensive knowledge of quality assurance, continuous improvement, strategically and tactfully troubleshoots and resolves problems for Customer Service, Tech, Sales, Health Insurance, Medical, Telecommunication, Chat and Finance & Accounting Campaigns.


After 4 years as supervisor, she moved her way up to a Process Improvement Manager which paved the way for her to become a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified & Blackbelt trained professional with experience on continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results (reduce waste or process variation) that can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled while achieving sustained quality improvement & commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management which are of vital importance to business success. She drives metrics like Operational and Digital maturity or transformation, innovation projects with realized client business value through customer satisfaction, cost reduction and or revenue generation. This includes constant interaction with internal & external stakeholders as part of governance on all implemented initiatives. For the past 6 years as a Process Improvement Manager, the clients she had the pleasure of working with trusts her findings and recommendations and have seen financial impact materialize.


These skill sets have helped her quickly adapt to the role as a Client Services Manager in REVA. Even though she has stepped out of her comfort zone & decided to explore opportunities outside a corporate setting, one thing is certain, learning & her relentless pursuit of excellence will never stop regardless of the company/client she works with.


Client Servies Manager

Chi started her career in REVA as a Business Coach through Batch 57 last March 19, 2018. Immediately after training, due to her strong leadership presence and training performance, she was tasked to handle an LOB in May. Chi proved to be on top of her game when she created processes and streamlined the LOB’s operation, delivering strong Property Management core in REVA Global. 

Chi is a veteran in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. With almost 16 years of strong operational experience, she’s able to effectively transition to home-based work through REVA Global. She started as a Technical & Customer Support Representative from December 2002 and worked her way up as a Quality Associate, Team Leader up to the Operations Management position until she left Q1 of 2018. Chi has partnered with international brands such as Microsoft, AT&T, Emerson, and Virgin Mobile Australia to name a few under two of the top BPOs in the country.

Outside REVA Global, Chi is fond of discovering things that will let her empty her cup and take on new learning. She is not troubled going outside her comfort zone and as long as her ‘myBumbum‘ playlist plays while she’s in action.


MED VA Training Specialist

Ana is an experienced Learning Specialist and Team Lead who has worked for many Technical, Retail, & Healthcare campaigns for over 10 years within the
BPO industry. Although she has been a Learning Specialist much longer than she was a Team Lead, she has gained acclaim from Operations after receiving
several awards for Top Coach, Top Quality, and Top FCR.

A team player and a problem solver, Ana is lovingly called by her colleagues as “Miss Excel”. She initiated different projects on Data Analysis that paved
the way for tracking, reporting, and understanding bugs and associate behavior with her previous companies. And while most people would be clamoring for the spotlight, you will find Ana on her desk fervently working on a problem.

A nerd and a crafter at heart, Ana likes to play video games, sew clothes, or bake pastries with her daughter during her free time.


Client Services Manager

Starkey joined the Company as a Virtual Assistant last February 2018. He’s been promoted October of the same year and has since been part of Operations’ Support Team as a Business Coach. A strong believer of “servant leadership”, he continuously learns on how to focus on serving his teammates for their own good, not just the good of the organization, and forming long-term relationships with them. He puts on a conscious effort to encourage their growth and development so that over time they may reach their fullest potential.

A loud and proud Green Archer, Starkey graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and majored in Computer Applications. After tertiary studies, he joined the BPO industry and worked corporate for more than a decade for an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas managing their Technical Support Team.

Outside of work, being based in the country’s Queen City Of The South, Starkey enjoys the island vibe and spends as much time as possible in beaches with his headphones blasting songs from his Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady playlists. He’s also a long-distance runner and an ultra-marathoner (finisher of several 102 and 160-kilometer races) who likes to drown himself with black coffee instead of sports drinks.


Client Services Manager

Friedel started as a Virtual Assistant last June 2016 at REVA Global LLC. Having demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks, accomplish goals efficiently and according to schedule has led to his promotion July of 2019.

To stay competent and consistent, he built and established knowledge from day to day experience as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) professional for 8 years. Prior to REVA, he worked with Vonage, AT&T, DISH Satellite, and Directv in various capacities as an Agent, SME, Reports Analyst, and Team Manager.

When not working, he’s into photo editing and graphic design.


Client Services Manager

Glenn has been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry since 2003 handling various accounts in different companies, different lines of businesses and medium of support. He started out as an agent and worked his way up to being an Operations Manager. He has been an Operations Manager for almost 10 years handling mainly Customer Service and Technical Support accounts specializing in KPI management, people development, process improvement, and client services.

He joins REVA fairly new to the industry of real estate. However, being a people manager for more than a decade, he believes that this has readied and equipped him to be an effective VA Services Coach. He has a passion for learning and is willing to move out of his comfort zone just to experience growth.


Client Services Manager

Gil has been in the Business Process Outsource industry for almost 14 years. She was an agent for a Travel Account and eventually a Supervisor and to many other Lines of Businesses such as Travel, Banking and Financial, Airline Account, Internet Service Provider and Technical Support. She was also an Operations Manager; she eventually joined REVA Global as a Business Coach. She is part of the LOB team for REVA Global, along with 2 other support members. 

Gil is married to a singer/songwriter/BPO workforce. They have two kids together, Lucas (turning 4 years old) and Matteo (4 months old). They both love to travel with their kids. They dream of putting up their own music production and clothing line someday.


Client Services Manager

Mik has recently risen from the ranks to be a Business Coach. He started as a Virtual Assistant in 2017. He quickly came into terms with the ins and outs of the business and mastered the craft. He is very well versed in cold calling seller leads and has always been consistent with the quality of his work. Constantly providing rock star results as a VA.

Mik has been sought out to mentor new VAs in his line of business. Ensuring that we are setting them up for success in the role they are in. Regarded as one of the knowledgeable persons on his line of business not only by new hires and also by his old peers.

Before becoming a VA for Reva Global, He used to work as a BPO Professional for more than 5 years. Handling various accounts mostly business to business ranging from financial to hotel accommodations accounts.


Quality Analyst

Jen has been in the Business Process Outsourcing industry since 2003. She started as an outbound agent for a publishing company then shifted to customer service for US, UK, and Australian clients. After 4 years and proving her worth as an agent for both outbound and inbound campaigns alike, she got promoted as a Quality Assurance Specialist. She’s been with the Quality department ever since and eventually became a Quality Manager for a US-based satellite radio and telecommunications programs. Some of her tasks included representing the department in critical meetings both within the organization and with clients, developing processes to drive continuous improvement and reduce defect rates, as well as the implementation of standardized quality practices. Although a rookie in Telecommuting, she’s confident that her extensive experience in Quality will be a great asset to REVA.

Jen spends most of her free time with her husband and their 5 kids, as well as her month-old grandson. She loves spending quality time with them by traveling, eating out or simply hanging out. When she’s got time to spare, she enjoys binge-watching on Netflix.

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