with tyler chesser

committing to self-education & leveraging virtual assistants

Podcast Summary:

In this episode, Tyler and Bob’s discussion is focused on self-education and how Virtual Assistants can be utilized in real estate. Bob shares his experiences of self-education, including lessons learned from losing $150,000 on a knockdown rebuild, learning from podcasts, pivoting from hockey to real estate, finding your purpose and why many athletes experience depression when they’re done playing sports.

They also talked about how trained real estate Virtual Assistants can provide efficiency, scale and time freedom, with Bob comparing Virtual Assistants to in-house employees and explaining how his business trains Virtual Assistants for real estate tasks. Other topics included servant leadership, overcoming shiny object syndrome, persevering through pain and more! Elevate Nation can learn a lot from Bob’s innovative thinking and his “learn it, live it, gift it” mantra.

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