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Highly Trained

Virtual Assistants
For your real estate business

Real estate is easy but people and systems can be complicated.​
That’s why we’re here. Hire the right people.

We prioritize what our clients need so that they can achieve the success they want. From real estate to medical services, we cultivate a culture of excellence and progress, so that our Virtual Assistants become the asset that advances your goals.

Founded by Bob Lachance, our goal is to find the best Virtual Assistants in the Philippines and train them to provide the highest quality of service. Our network is a gathering place of great minds, loyal perseverance and, exceptional heart. REVA Global is a family first, and we’re here for you.


Our Virtual Assistants are focused on producing results of the highest quality. Highly motivated and versatile, they provide solutions efficiently and accurately.

Independent, motivated and will treat your company as their own. Tracks all accomplishments of the day with accuracy and time management.

Trustworthy, honest and dependable. Display appropriate values in accordance with the core values of the company.

Function with accuracy and precision. Our VAs know the importance of the cost and benefit of running a Real 
Estate business.


Delegate tasks to decrease your workload and free up your time for more other important tasks. Even in your absence, scheduled work can still be completed.


Ease your mind by relying on your Virtual Assistant’s organizational skills. Quick access to information, documents and data are important to eliminate stress in the workplace.


Our Virtual Assistants work at full speed with no “slack hours”. Motivated to work and driven to success. Your ROI is guaranteed. 

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Bob talks about how virtual assistants can help you in the success of your business from marketing, research, lead generation and having a Jack of all trades in your company.



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